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T&CS Europe B.V.

Tank & Container Survey Europe B.V. (TCSE BV) is a leading inspection and re-certification organisation incorporated in The Netherlands in  November 2011.

With experienced staff, surveyors and management we offer a confident service to our customers and offer the best possible services worldwide.

TCSE BV provides a full range of tank and container related services to tank leasingcompanies, tank operators, shipping lines, container operators and leasing companies. Our services include tank surveys, container surveys, new build inspections on line and completion and classification certifications, all carried out in major depots, ports, manufacturers and warehouses worldwide



Lloyd’s Register is a classification society and a global operating technical monitoring group and is our long withholding partner with the cooperation established since 2017. Lloyd’s Register is established since 1867 and is a leading tank inspection and certification body for  more than 30 years . For many years, TCSE, with the 
accreditation of Lloyds, issues re-certification on ISO tanks, conducting regional technical trainings and seminars for our clients and for internal training purposes.

Insurance Brokers 
TCSE is appointed by German Insurance Brokers to perform inspections on behalf of insurance. In line with our agenda to provide a cost effective, risk-free and hassle free M&R package to our clients, TCSE teamed up with German Insurance Brokers to provide a tailor made M&R insurance scheme


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