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In general, insurance is classified into eight (8)  elements to flexibility fit into the operations:

1. All survey inspection fees are included into the monthly premium
2. Establishing the claim
3. Handling of the claim documentation
4. Clarification of disputes
5. Direct settlement of the claim
6. Recoveries whenever possible
7. Collecting information
8. Risk management information and solutions by evaluating information collected

Customer is protected from possible big financial impact as first class underwriters guarantee the service. This is part of an individual designed insurance at fixed costs per covered insured unit.

For the companies handling large container or other equipment fleets, TCSE BV has teamed up with Insurance Brokers from Hamburg to provide a risk management solution.

Which costs are covered ?
TCSE provides a service tool that bridge between the Maintenance & Repair (M&R) department and its insurance underwriter they contracted with. The objective is to simplify the administrative work by charging a monthly premium on the containers and other equipment involved under a full package deal. This involves containers and other equipment repair management, reduces administrative efforts in to the claims and minimizes the overall costs by using information generated and collected.
In short, a full M&R package covers all the equipment survey fees, repair costs and up to total loss by paying a fixed premium per unit per month. The risk management commences once the container claim is established and regular discussion will be channelled with the logistic company to resolve the claims.
This value added service is designed with logistic company benefits in mind when external expertise and out sourcing are more sufficient and widely sort after then in-house solutions at fixed costs per unit. Insurance is covered during the operation period when the normal logistic operation is disturbed by a claim. Its involvement commences at the time when the claim is recognized and finished when the claim has been paid and risk management information is delivered.


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